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Ole and Lena Live

Ole & Lena Encourge Faith & Fellowship
Ole and Lena bring a, new and humorous approach to many of the topics and issues being faced by churches and church councils across the upper Midwest.
Have Ole and Lena join your congregation to bring a smile and a heartfelt Christian based message to an event. These interactive sketches are approximately 30 – 45 minutes long and take a minimum of space to present.

Currently we offer:

“The Time and Talent survey”
Time and Talent
Ole gets a letter from Pastor Thorgusson and, after hearing that Lena’s time and talent committee is looking for volunteers, assumes they want him to star in the upcoming church talent show. Enjoy the laughter as Ole tries to talk Sven into coming up with an excuse as to why he shouldn’t be in the talent show and see how Lena straightens out the entire situation while explaining the importance of utilizing our God given gifts of time and talent.

“Ole - Church Secretary”
In an effort to help out Tina Jorgusson, the church secretary, while she’s having a knee replaced at the Mayo Clinic, Ole takes over as the church secretary and the rest is confusion and laughter. Lena finally has to step in to get Ole out of the dog house with Pastor Torgusson and the congregation. Lena gently but firmly teaches Ole about clear and considerate communication.

“Ole’s Second Childhood”
 Youth and Fellowship”
It’s time for the congregation’s annual trip to the Boundary Waters. Ole and Sven have decided that this year they’re going to team up to make sure the kids and the young adults going on the trip have the comfort of their knowledge and experience. Before things get too far afield, Lena steps in to set the situation straight.

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