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9 Hilarious choices and counting with a tenth on the way!
Our plays work in a variety of lengths to fit any situation and performance space
Bye the way we've had both our Pfizer Injections thanks to old Doc Rolvog.

“Café Chaos
A comedy wrapped in a musical

Lena’s Cousin Mildred from the snooty suburbs has returned to Potsdam and purchased the Chat and Chew Café. Mildred has aspirations of turning the Potsdam landmark into a fine dining experience. After a couple of months of successful operation Mildred heads off to a food show in Minneapolis and askes Ole and Lena to look after the place (The Norse Nook) for her. Lena is elated at the opportunity but for Ole this sounds like work and something he wants no part of. Join in all the fun as fine dining goes to hilarious dining in this newest and most unique Ole and Lena musical production “Café Chaos”

“Ole Runs for Office”
A Musical Within a Comedy

It’s time again when Muskrat Lodge 3412 elects officers and Ole has decided to throw his hat in the ring and run against longtime nemesis, Knut Knutson, lodge president for the past 20 years. Knutson, proprietor of Knutson’s Heating, Air Conditioning and Live Bait Shop is one of Potsdam’s “shakers and movers” and has been a thorn in Ole’s side since they were kids in school.
Ole and Sven have already decided that they need to put together a sneaky, tough, and no holds barred campaign if Ole is ever going to ever have a chance of winning.
Lena says Ole spends far too much time at that smelly old lodge already and thinks this is one of the most hair brained ideas Ole has ever had.
Will Lena talk Ole out of the political limelight or cave in to the glamour of being “first lady of the lodge”? Can Ole and Sven make it through the election without causing an international Muskrat lodge investigation looking into dirty campaign tricks? Be a part of all of the craziness yourself when you, the audience, determines the outcome in this laugh riot “Ole Runs for Office”!

Ole and Lena – Home for the Holidaze
A Musical Within a Comedy

Ole finds himself on the horns of a dilemma! As the newly elected event chairman of the Potsdam Muskrat Lodge Post 3412, all the members are counting on him to plan a spectacular holiday party and the pressure is on. Last year’s party, planned by Knut, was an absolute dud so the critics are just waiting in the wings for a misstep. Meanwhile at the farm the smell of Christmas cookies and goodies is in the air and Lena is in a tizzy, busily preparing to have the whole family from far and wide down for the annual Gustafson family holiday celebration. But then as luck would have it Ole and Lena’s granddaughter Marion is rushed to the hospital way up in St Cloud preparing to bless them with their first great grandchild. Feeling the need to be there for the joyous event, Lena drops everything and rushes off to help, leaving Ole with the planning and preparation for both the lodge and farm, until she gets back home. But since winters in Minnesota can be utterly unpredictable, while Lena is making the journey home she gets stranded by a snow storm!
Will Lena make it home in time to save Ole from dual Holiday disasters or will Ole just stumble around in a holidaze hoping for the best? See for yourself in this wonderfully funny family holiday story “Ole and Lena - Home for the Holidaze.

Ole Plays Nursemaid – Dial 911!

With Lena having an unexpected bunionectomy, Mildred, Lena's cousin, has volunteered to head to the farm to take care of her. “What else is family for, says Mildred?”, besides Lena is looking forward to her hospital stay, especially since it means that she is Ole free for two weeks!
Once Ole finally realizes that he will be “bach-ing” it while Lena was away, he is almost giddy at the thought of all that uninterrupted hunting, fishing, and, of course, Muskrat Lodge time with his fellow Muskrats!
But, ya know, even Lena’s best laid plans can go awry, and Ole finds himself having to plays nursemaid to cousin Mildred “cause she just had to go and get sick! ”
Can Ole survive 2 weeks with Mildred? Can Mildred make Ole conform to the high city standards she expects? Will Lena recover and ever come to the rescue? See for yourself what happens in “Ole’s Plays Nursemaid? – Dial 911!”

 “Ole & Lena’s Ice Fishing Fandango"

Ole and Sven are gearing up, literally, for the Lodge’s annual 72 Hour Pairs Ice Fishing Marathon contest. Aside from making sure the water pressure is strong enough to hose Ole down when he gets home from the contest, Lena is far more interested in attending the “Spruce Up Your Farm House” class being held at the senior center while the contest is going on. She and Margaret are excited to learning some new interior decorating tips and updating their houses while Ole and Sven are gone. But, like the fish Ole is hoping to catch, the best laid plans can go belly up when nasty winter colds make their way through Potsdam. Will Ole and Sven win the contest this year? Will Lena finally get to make over the farm house? Find out and enjoy the laughs in this hilarious story of Love, Family, and Growing Old Together.

"Ole and Lena Win a Cruise"

Every year Lena listens to her friends at the Curler and Chat talk about their vacations; but year after year, she is disappointed. Ole’s idea of a vacation is going to the Muskrat Lodge’s Annual Convention, usually a camping event held in Potsdam, at a park only 2 miles from their farm! This year, Lena has decided that she and Ole are going on a romantic vacation, even if it kills him.
Meanwhile, Ole won the grand prize raffle at the Muskrat Lodges annual “Don’t get your tail caught in the trap” celebration. Ole and Sven didn’t even remember that there had been a raffle, let alone what he might have won. Rumor has it that the grand prize might be a cruise to exotic ports in the Caribbean; something Ole wants no part of.
Will Ole talk Lena into going camping instead of bobbing around on a cruise ship “like a fishing boat in a walleye chop on opening day”? Or will Lena finally get the romantic vacation she has dreamed about. Join in the side splitting fun for the whole family of “Ole and Lena Win a Cruise”, our 5th Ole and Lena play about family, love and growing old together.

"Ole & Lena at the State Fair"

The calendar has finally turned over to Ole’s favorite event of the year - State Fair time. Unfortunately, Lena doesn’t share Ole’s excitement. For years Lena has been in countless competitions with her arch rival Elaine Danielson, always battling, only to end up with a tie for the coveted blue ribbons. But this year Lena has a new trick up her sleeve that she’s sure will tip the balance in her favor.
Ole, on the other hand, has his own fair surprise this year. Ole heard on CCO that Sweet Martha makes a truck load of money at the fair so Ole and Sven have decided their going to turn the Fair into a money making operation with a food stand of their own. Their goal is to come up with something they can stuff on a stick and get them on TV with Frank and Amelia.
But when it comes time for the leave for the Fair, Lena is nowhere to be found. Can Ole find Lena in time to spring her surprise on arch nemesis Elaine? You'll have to see for yourself at "Ole and Lena at the State Fair"

"Ole & Lena's 50th Wedding Anniversary and Vow Renewal"

Lena saw a couple renew their vows on Dr. Phil and decides that's what she and Ole are going to do for their 50th wedding anniversary; but the only thing on Ole's mind these days is the Lodge's ice fishing tournament, and how he and his neighbor, Sven, are going to win the "whole deal." Will Lena get Ole to the altar to renew his vows? Will Ole talk Sven into covering for him so they can both fish in the tournament? Find out in this comedy about love, marriage, and growing old together.

"Ole & Lena's Family Christmas"

Christmas has always been Lena's favorite time of the year, even if, as Ole says "it makes her more than a little crazy."
This year Lena has invited the whole family, even her snooty cousin Mildred from Edina. Ole really wants nothing to do with the whole thing, especially the part where Lena has him dress up in the old Santa suit and hand out presents. Can Sven get Ole out of playing Santa? Will Lena be able to keep it all together while she prepares for the family Christmas? Find out in this hilarious comedy about family togetherness.

Ole & Lena's Family Reunion

Snooty cousin Mildred was encouraged by her psychologist to return to her roots. Without asking, she sent invitations to the whole family inviting them to a reunion at Ole & Lena's farm. The only problem is she forgot to ask Lena or Ole. Although caught by surprise, Lena loves the idea of getting the family together. Not Ole, he has other plans. His lodge is holding the International Euchre Tournament on the same day as the reunion. Sven and Ole are looking to bring the trophy back to the Lodge after 90 years.
Join in all the hilarity and fun as Sven tries to help Ole get out of going to the reunion and see how clever Lena is at making the Gustafson reunion an event to remember,

Lena puzzled
Ole explaining to Lena his story
Ole with  a Lodge member